Like its European neighbors, Spain began its romance with the film industry at the turn of the 20th century, making its share of films from the early 1900s through the 1960s, including the highly awarded Viridiana (1961 Palme d’Or). However, it was film audiences’ appetite for Westerns like A Fistful of Dollars, that found their locations in the Spanish Almeria, and turned an international spotlight of filmmaking on Spain that has only become brighter and brighter over time.
From alpine lakes and forests, to deserts and beaches, temperate and beautiful Spain is home to a wide range of location looks. Everywhere in between, the nation is dotted with charming cities and villages that have a distinct look and feel of their own. From the leafy promenades of Barcelona, to the monuments and plazas of Madrid, to the warm cities, with their North African influence perched at the southern end of the country, Spain offers filmmakers a wealth of diversity.
Based in Barcelona, NOURI FILMS was founded and is expertly run by the inimitable MICHAEL NOURI. A world citizen in the truest sense of the term, Michael has spent decades as an international production executive, producing projects on all continents, first as a Managing Director in his native Germany, then with Stillking Films as an International Executive Producer. In 2013, Michael worked with Palma Pictures in Mallorca as an EP and HOP, before going on to establish his own company in 2018.  Michael has worked with directors such as: Adam Berg, Wim Wenders, Traktor, James Gray, Joel Schumacher, Martin Werner, Mark Albiston, Christoffer von Reis, Henrik Hansen, Axel Laubscher, Ed Morris, Louis Leterrier, Sebastian Hedin, Jakob Marky, Nico Beyer, Kevin Foley, Vesa Manninen, StyleWar, Phillipe Templeman and many more.