Twentyfour Seven

Like many of her European neighbors, Spain’s romance with the film industry began at the turn of the twentieth century, first producing her handsome share of noteworthy films in the early 1900s. However, it was the growing genre of westerns, like A Fistful of Dollars that found their iconic locations in the Spanish Almeira, and turned a spotlight on filming in Spain that has steadily grown both brighter and more globally alluring ever since.

From alpine lakes and verdant forests, to sweeping deserts, dramatic coastlines, and inviting beaches, temperate and beautiful Spain is home to a wide range of location looks.

In between, the countryside is dotted with charming cities and villages, each region showcasing its distinctive look and feel.

From the leafy promenades of Barcelona, and the grand plazas of Madrid, to the sun-washed arcades of storied southern cities like Sevilla and Granada, Spain offers a plentiful palette of choices well suited to nearly every imaginable film setting.

Managing Director Alvaro Weber and Managing EP Jonas Hendrix (both formerly of Smile) have teamed up with Twentyfour Seven’s CEO Ivo Van Vollenhoven and Managing Director Europe Gordon MacKinnon to now offer Spain’s most premium service company, filming with directors such as Jonas Akerlund, Matt Aselton, Joachim Back, Fredrik Bond, Nicolai Fuglisig, Christian Larson, Francoise Rousselet, Jake Scott, Bart Timmer, Lievan Van Baelen and Martin Werner, to name just a few.

With offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca and the Canary Islands, Twentyfour Seven offers a production reach that spans the country, drawing on its depth of experience and wide resources to create the outstanding work it is so well known for.

In addition, the Twentyfour Seven team is committed to making filming in Spain as eco-friendly as possible, taking mindful measures to lower the environmental impact of production without ever compromising the highest level of client experience.