Long a source of inspiration for magical stories, Romania holds a place in our collective imaginations, whether we know it or not. The land of Dracula, fairytale castles, enchanted forests, and haunted mountain peaks, Romania is also a nation that – following the 1989 collapse of communism – emerged with new found freedom to build upon celebrated cinematic roots that began a century before. By the 2000s, Romania was recognized on the world stage for its complex cinematic contributions and artful storytelling, with highly awarded features like The Death of Mr. Lazarescu and Four Months, Three Weeks & Two Days.
Today, Romania’s leading production service company, ICON FILMS, boasts a resume of collaboration with leading US, UK and European commercial film productions as well as distinguished feature film and television projects. With elegant offices in central Bucharest, ICON FILMS offers access to the very best of what Romania has to offer.
Executive Producers ILEANA ANGHEL and ANDRA PANDELESCU head the production service division, enjoying a well-earned reputation for delivering high caliber work for exacting US, UK and European clients, including directors Jonathan Glazer, Dougal Wilson, Adam Berg, Adam Hashemi, Nicolai Fuglsig, Brian Beletic, Jeff Nichols, John Hillcoat, and many others.