From the bustling, leafy architectural streets of Mexico City, to the wide sandy beaches on both coasts of this magnificent country, Mexico has an undeniable abundance of offerings for filmmakers. Mexico City is home to wonderful studio complexes for stage work and set construction, as well as locations that can be compellingly global, intrinsically Mexican, or can easily stand in for North America or Europe. Not far outside the city, filmmakers can find dramatic deserts, picturesque rolling hills, jagged mountains and serene, lakes. Along with an ethnically diverse talent pool and amazing film crews, Spectrum Mexico has a longhistory and amazing track record of delivering wonderful work at competitive costs for US and European Production Companies alike.

Spectrum Mexico was founded by Executive Producer Concepcion “Conchita” Taboada. A veteran producer who has proven herself an invaluable collaborative asset to the world’s top production companies, Conchita has worked with renowned directors including Jaron Albertin, Christian Bevilacqua, John X. Carey, Garth Davies, Gary Freedman, Rollo Jackson, Harmony Korine, Tom Kuntz, Christian Loubeck, Lotfy Nathan, Sean Thonson, Matt Dillon Cohen, Christopher Muir and Peter Thwaites as well as many others.

With her solid background of enviable expertise, and her inherent passion for
filmmaking, Conchita and her team are poised to handle projects of every scope and scale, from massive to modest. Her high-level agility, attention to detail, ability to solve production puzzles fast and beautifully, and unparalleled work ethic have earned Spectrum Mexico the reputation of being the go-to company that will go to personal lengths to support every aspect of your project’s vision, all the while delivering top-shelf service to you and your clients.