Twentyfour Seven

Stretching long and narrow along the western edge of South America, Chile offers a range of climates, geographical features and location looks that even the most well-travelled filmmakers will find nothing short of amazing.

With the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Andes Mountains to the east, Chile boasts many of the same features that make California so appealing, but with a few major differences. Boasting about 4,000 miles of coastline, Chile comes in with about 4.5 times more shoreline than California. Being in the Southern Hemisphere, Chile’s spring begins in September, with the warmest, sunniest and longest days occurring between December and March. The length of the country, north to south, also means that Chile has three distinct climate zones: Tropical to the north, Mediterranean in the Center, and Antarctic to the South.

Then there are the locations that stretch the boundaries of the imagination even more. Take, for example, the sweeping Atacama Desert, which displays the vivid, bright colors and breathtaking natural architectural features that find echoes in the most classic vistas of American West (think Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Moab, The Sonoran Desert and Death Valley.)

The film center, Santiago, sits in the middle of the country, and features an abundance of North American-style houses, neighborhoods, streets and buildings. Additionally, plenty of picturesque natural settings — including lakes, mountains and the ocean — are only between one to two hours drive away from the city.

Founded in 2021, and led by the top-level creativity and seasoned experience of MD/EP Javiera Torres and EP Cristobal Sotomayor, the team at TwentyFour-Seven Chile will bring only the highest production value and finest client service to your project, whatever the scope and scale.