COMPASS ROSE is an umbrella for a group of best-in-class service production companies. Our team has produced content in all corners of the globe and we work very closely with our colleagues at all of our service companies. We have offices in the US and UK to help you work within your time zone.

We brainstorm with our clients to find the most cost-effective and and creatively exciting locations for each new project, big or small. We coordinate multiple country bidding, execute location & talent searches and assist with any number of other research needs. Because we work so closely with our offices in Europe, North & South America and South Africa, we are able to share key insights into country-specific resources like art department, stages, special effects, stunts, backlots, local talent pools specialty crew and specific equipment.

We have a wealth of knowledge and spend a lot of time bidding with each of our countries. With that, if your preferred way of working is to engage directly with one of our top-notch local service producers, we are happy to make an introduction, or just point you in the right direction. We are fully financed by our network companies, and add value with no additional cost to you or your production.



MD/Executive Producer, Global


There is no Iron Curtain holding back this Prague native. Pavla is a production veteran who has not only produced and collaborated on a great number of award-winning commercials, but also built and managed production companies all over the world.
Pavla’s career began in the Czech Republic, where she utilized the country’s rich history of film talent and avant-garde design. Rising through the ranks of film, television and advertising, she played a key role role in the success and international growth of Stillking Films, Prague’s most established and eminent production company.

She took her skills abroad to expand the company’s appeal in the UK, enhancing her reputation as a one-stop United Nations of Production and growing the company’s network into Chile, South Africa and Spain.

Pavla settled in New York where she founded her own production company, Savage, with a diverse international roster of directors and satellite offices in Prague and LA.

Pavla currently resides in New York with her husband and twin daughters.


Executive Producer, North America


A Southern California native, Amy comes to Compass Rose with a great depth of commercial production knowledge, stemming from years of experience both as a Production Executive and as a Production Freelancer.

Prior to joining the team, Amy was Head of Production for Merman USA as well as for Supply & Demand. She brings over 10 years of experience as a Bidding Producer, working with companies such as MJZ, Park Pictures, Caviar Content, Anonymous Content and many more.

She is a natural creative with affinity and agility for out-of-the-box solutions to production challenges.

Before her production career, Amy worked as a writer and editor in the publishing field. Her credits include dozens of articles, books and graphic novels – many of which are still in print.

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two young sons.



Executive Producer, UK & Europe


James is a veteran of multiple Nike and Adidas World Cup and Euro championship global campaigns, the type of jobs that shoehorn 6 countries, 16 athletes and 3 years work into 4 months of your life.

James has procured service production in over twenty countries, principalities, tax havens and failed states across the globe for some of the most awarded directors on the planet. He’s stopped riots and wrestled an alligator, crash landed a plane, had fist fights with racists, negotiated with the Saudi military machine for drone flights over Riyadh, deep faked the Queen and always, always been back in time for breakfast.

James currently lives in London.