Tuna + Icon

Though relatively new to the North American consciousness as a film production center, Serbia is anything but a newcomer to the international filmmaking community. June 1896 in Belgrade marked the first ever exhibition of motion picture projection in Central Europe, courtesy of Andre Carr, an associate of the famed Lumiere Brothers. The capital city of Belgrade was the original film center of the former Yugoslavia, and home of the earliest of the film studios: the once powerful and prolific Avala Films. It comes to no surprise, then, that crew members working with Tuna + Icon in Belgrade come from long lines of “film families” who have lived, loved, learned and passed on their craft over generations.
Today, Belgrade is home to the gleaming new PFI Studios, one of Europe’s newest state-of-the art studio complexes. Among other features, the complex includes a replica of San Francisco City Hall, Venice-style canals and Monte Carlo and DC streets as well as standing sets of some of Belgrade’s more notable buildings.
Led by Managing Director/Executive Producer IVANA ANTIC and Executive Producer LADA STAMATOV, TUNA + ICON SERBIA is the premiere production service company in Belgrade, working with directors such as: Isaiah Seret, Nick Ball, Matthew Swanson, Sara Dunlop, Paul Gore, Salomon Lighelm, Vincent Urban, Rodrigo Saavedra, Aaron Rose and others.
If all this isn’t enough, the Film Center Serbia is currently offering generous CASH REBATES for commercial projects based on a qualified Serbian spend (currently 20% back on €150,000 of qualifying costs).



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