STILLKING FILMS Africa got it covered!

Stillking Films South Africa have created a “Covid pre-production pod” for their overseas production company clients – this beautiful house became the place to sleep, prep and schedule the shoot, do remote callbacks & fittings and also have a wonderful catered meal and a swim in the pool at the end of the long prep days. PCR testing of everyone involved happened right here at the house.

And apparently the shoot is going very well, it is nice and warm and our EP Charlie is hiding away from the sun as always!

Charlie – bring us some of the sun please!!:-)

TUNA/ICON Serbia for Isaiah Seret
@ Biscuit Filmworks LA

Serbia remains one of the few European destinations to provide an INCENTIVE to TV commercials and advertising projects. Check out this write up on the topic and feedback on TUNA+ICON’s recent shoot for Isaiah Seret @ Biscuit Filmworks LA.

TUNA+ICON crew after wrapping the iShares shoot.